Arabian Nights - Images of Morgiana

Here is a compilation of images of the dancing servant girl in the "Ali Baba" story of Arabian Nights, Morgiana (sometimes called Marghana or other similar names). The books often have pictures of her with the thief-jars (probably more commonly than they show her dancing), but I'm only including the dancing ones.

The pictures are listed with the illustrator name (if known), and arranged by publish date (estimated when I don't have it).

Unknown, 1883 (left)


Unknown, 1890s? (right)

John Batten?, 1899

Unknown, 1900s?
(Inside and cover images, same book, but probably different artists. Right (cover) image determined to be Frances Brundage.)
Joan Kiddell-Monroe, 1907 (left)


Milo Winter, 1914 (right)


A. E. Jackson, 1920s? (right)

Lacy Hussar, 1921 (left)


Helen Stratton, 1923? (right)

Frances Brundage, 1924
(Inside and cover images, same book, apparently same artist.)

Harry G. Theaker, 1928? (left)


Steel Savage, 1932 (right)

Oscar Fabrès, 1944 (left)


Earle Goodenow, 1946 (right)


Antony Groves-Raines, 1950s? (right)

Girard Goodenow, 1955 (left)


Gustav Tenggren, 1957 (right)

Tessa Hamilton, 1988 (left)


Will Hillenbrand, 1996 (right)