Aphrodite Award

On Winning the Spirit of Aphrodite Award

Each year at Oasis Dance Camp (ODC), they give out "Aphrodite Awards" in various categories such as Ms. Congeniality, Favorite Oriental Costume, etc. The awards are named for the patron goddess of ODC: Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. The "top" award is called the "Spirit of Aphrodite," for the dancer who best exemplifies the spirit of our goddess.

I won the "Spirit of Aphrodite" award at ODC South in November 2002. For some reason, I was speechless. The following is what I would like to have said:

I want to thank Oasis Dance Camp for making this award possible. I consider Camp to be the driving force for improving my dance. It gives me the opportunity to study with the wonderful Cassandra every year; to learn about various aspects of the dance, music, and culture that are difficult to find elsewhere; and to perform for a wonderfully loving audience.

And Camp has introduced me to many of my very good friends. It's really kind of amazing; because of Oasis I have friends all over the country who will open their homes to me because we share the dance and have experienced the Camp experience. Having friends like that has helped me through bad times and made good times so much better.

So thanks to all my friends here who voted for me. And thanks to all the friends I made at other Camps. And thanks to Jean and Mary Lynn--and Cassandra--for making Oasis the wonderful experience that it is.