Pinky and Emeril at Oasis

Pinky and Emeril D Go to Oasis Dance Camp

Pinky and Emeril D went to Oasis Dance Camp South in November 2001.

Pinky is welcomed by the camel on the original Camp banner.

Pinky checks out the camp decor.

Emeril and Pinky do morning stretches.

Emeril tries out class with Helene....

...and with Cassandra.

Pinky admires the camp friendship quilt.

Emeril and Pinky check out the ODC library.

Emeril and Pinky take drum class with Nicole.

Sherezzah, Adena, Emeril, Najida, Pinky, and Joani practice a line dance.

Pinky crashes the dinner line.

Pinky and Emeril stock up on water at dinnertime.