GypsyFest-February 2000

Review: GypsyFest
February 2000

by Sherezzah Bint al-Waha

GypsyFest featured Dalia Carella, who is one of those exceptional dancers who can teach very well and also perform very well. Plus, she does some very interesting fusion things with the dance. Not only is it always fun when you take a class with her, it's also stimulating.

This weekend was no exception. She taught sessions on 4 different styles/techniques/whatever you want to call them. On Saturday we first had Dunyavi gypsy, her fusion style blending Turkish Rom, Indian Kathak, and Spanish gypsy. Then was Saidi, worked a bit for a more cabaret style (she has a video coming out on this soon). Sunday she started with veil technique with a Spanish flair, suitable also for doing with a shawl. She closed with El Mundo, her new fusion of Spanish and Arabic.

The only remotely negative thing I could say about the workshop is that we didn't learn any complete choreographies (we didn't have time!) However, the pieces we did learn were just delightful. (I suppose this was in part a teaser for Dalia's weeklong workshop in NYC in May.)

One thing I liked about the workshop was that Dalia explained that she still is always taking classes to expand her knowledge and skills, and she pointed out that all dancers, no matter how "advanced" they think they are, should continue to take classes.

The highlight of the evening show on Saturday was, of course, Dalia herself. She delighted everyone by performing twice, one more oriental (left) and the other her classic Dunyavi gypsy (top, and also here). She also included a couple of the pieces she'd taught, which I always appreciate.

Always a favorite, of course, was Ric Weber (right, and look here and here for a couple more pictures that'll make you say "Ouch!")

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