Shareen el Safy in Miami - June 2000

Review: Shareen el Safy in Miami
June 2000

by Sherezzah Bint al-Waha

What's this kitty picture doing in a review of a bellydance event? Well, he was guarding the door (ok, he was snoozing most of the time) at the German-American Club in southwest Miami, where the event was held. We went by him every time we went in or out of the building.

The event was a workshop during the day with Shareen el Safy, and a show in the evening featuring dancers and an Arabic singer. What can I say? This was my 5th workshop with Shareen; I obviously must like her. She teaches some very nifty stuff. I think it's best to take a workshop with Shareen before you see her perform, because a lot of what she does is the subtle Egyptian stuff, and her teaching makes it easier to understand what she's doing.

The show overall was quite good. The Rising Phoenix Dancers performed (left). There were two dancers I'd never seen solo before. Both were quite good, but I was especially impressed with Samay (right). I would love to see her more often.