Magical Bellydance Festival-March 2000

Review: Magical Bellydance Festival
March 2000

by Sherezzah Bint al-Waha

This long weekend featured classes with about 10 teachers, as well as a show on Saturday. I went to the show, but I was only able to attend one of the classes.

As seems to be the norm with Maja's events, the show went on too long. She really should have a Friday show in addition to Saturday to give all her students a chance to dance. Overall, however, the show was pretty good, especially the featured teachers.

I was especially impressed with Eva Cernik. She danced to live music (by Joe Zeytoonian and Myriam Eli) in a very cool peacock costume (complete with tail!) and just blew me away! I knew of Eva, but had never seen her before. Wow! (She was one of the featured teachers for the weekend--I really wished I could have taken her class!)

Other performances of note:

The class I attended was with Fatima, who taught jug dance. I enjoyed it a lot, she was fun and showed some interesting combinations and movements to do with the jug. She even brought along some jugs she uses for dancing so that we could try them ourselves--it's a lot harder to balance them than it looks! I appreciated that she also talked about appropriate costuming for this kind of dance.

Overall, I was pleased with what I saw and just wish my schedule could have allowed me to take more of the classes.