Miami Shores-September 1999

Review: Miami Shores with Margo Abdo O'Dell
September 1999

by Sherezzah Bint al-Waha

I was excited to finally have the opportunity to study with Margo. I'd seen her perform a few times, and was always quite impressed. Also, I have friends from the Minneapolis area (where she's from) who had advised me she was a very good teacher also, so I'd been asking Kahreen to bring her down for a workshop for a while. And she finally did, for which I must thank her.

Margo was patient, loving, and a lot of fun. She taught combinations on Saturday morning, that she used for a really cute choreography in the afternoon. My troupe has been practicing it ever since, and we've decided it was really more complex than it seemed at the time we were learning it, under Margo's excellent tutelage :-)

Sunday she taught more combinations to specific rhythms, along with some folkloric debke steps from her Lebanese heritage. She had used some of the debke styling in her Oriental routine in Saturday's show, which was especially interesting.

My troupe, the Rising Phoenix Dancers, performed our wild "animal suite" in the show (right). Here's some more pictures from the show:

(Thanks to Akasha for taking some of the photos.)