"Orientalia"-July 2001

Review: "Orientalia" Concert
July 2001

by Sherezzah Bint al-Waha

When I heard Cassandra would be giving a solo concert this year, and that Dalia Carella was going to be the special guest artist, I knew I had to make the trip to Minneapolis to see it. I had to go the second weekend (I was in Alabama for the first weekend) and stayed with my friend Jan, which delightfully coincided with similar visits from Priscilla and Mary, more friends I had originally met at Oasis Dance Camp. Our plans were to have dinner at the Beirut restaurant Friday (wonderful food, and a dancer named Lila performed), and see the show Saturday and the dinner show Sunday.

The show included an assortment of dance and musical numbers, all to live music by the Georges Lammam ensemble. It included an Andalusian-style suite (left) and a "Melaya Leff" (right; and more pictures here and here) which featured Cassandra along with members of her dance company.
And of course Cassandra perfromed an Orientale solo (which was especially hot in the Sunday show)--pictures top and left.

Dalia did two numbers in the show, Orientale (left and here) and "El Mundo", her new fusion of Flamenco, Carribean, and Middle Eastern (right and here). Dalia is a lively dancer with a unique and dramatic style; I always enjoy watching her dance.

The Sunday dinner show included a pre-show fashion show of Middle Eastern costumes. Below: Cassandra discussing a Bedouin costume; Tunisian; and Ghawazee through the ages.