Camels on Pillows

Camels on Pillows

At some point I noticed my camel collection had evolved to include quite a few pillows with camel designs on them, such that I figured they warranted their own page on the web. The first few of these were originally listed as part of Camels on Tapestries.

This pillow cover was done with bedouin-style embroidery in really pretty shades of teal. (Originally posted with Tapestries, 11/1/02.)

This camel looks kind of dorky, but I was fascinated by how the pillow cover was created entirely with machine embroidery. Here's a close-up where you can see the stitching. (Originally posted with Tapestries, 11/1/02.)

The front and back of this pillow cover show the normal and reverse sides of a piece of tapestry fabric. (Originally posted with Tapestries, 11/1/02.)

This is hand-painted silk. I got this from an art festival in Boca Raton, but sorry, I don't remember the artist's name. (Added 5/26/08.)

This is a floor pillow which was given to me as a gift. (Added 5/26/08.)

Here's another bedouin-style embroidery design of camels. (Although the tails seem too large; they look almost like dinosaurs.) (Added 5/26/08.)

This one is another fully machine-embroidered design, but with a much better-looking camel than the previous one. (Added 5/26/08.)

This is a roll-type pillow, made with velvety fabric. (Added 5/26/08.)

These were described as being Turkish pillows when I bought them on eBay. They're a kilim-like weave, both the same design but in different colors. (Added 5/26/08.)

I may be adding more pictures here later, as I take more or get additional pillows.