Images of Salome: Movies

This page contains images of Salome in the movies. There seem to have been lots of movies about Salome, but so far I've only found a few for which I could find some "dancy" images.

with Theda Bara

The 1918 film starring Theda Bara is believed lost, but posters have remained. There's another poster from the movie that just shows her face in a brooding sort of pose, but I much prefer this one because she's dancing. (It's not too hard to find reprints of this poster around the 'net...)

with Rita Hayworth

The 1953 film starring Rita Hayworth is probably the most well-known of all the Salome movies. Of the posters I've seen, I like this Italian one the best, for obvious reasons: the colors are great, and she's dancing. (I got this one as a reprint on eBay.)

Following are a couple of movie photos. OK, so she isn't dancing in the second one, but you get an interesting look at her costume.

This one is interesting. It's apparently a page from the Feb 1953 Life magazine. At first I thought it was an advertisement, but I think it's actually a little article. The photo caption says "Rita Hayworth is a winsome Salome against backdrop of drawing by Aubrey Beardsley showing a less amiable view of the Biblical dancer." The associated text is titled "Salome, Nice Girl," and reads:
Most authorities since St. Mark have regarded Salome as at least a willing accessory in the killing of John the Baptist.... But the record is being set to rights by a new movie.... Its heroine... is seen to be a nice good-natured... girl who in history's most famous dance routine strips off six of her seven veils--the one above is No. 6--in an effort to save John, not to do him in.

... Where She Danced

OK, this one is cheating a bit. Salome, Where She Danced is a 1945 movie starring Yvonne DeCarlo. However, it's not about the Biblical Salome. It is, if you can believe it, a Western. However, she does dance in a way that vaguely resembles belly dancing in that old Hollywood way. This is a poster for it--well, part of the poster. Again, I couldn't fit it all in my scanner, but I did get the important part.

Here she is, not dancing but in costume. Actually, I haven't seen this photo specifically associated with this movie, but the costume looks so much like it, I'm guessing it is.