Images of Salome: Photo Postcards

This page contains images of Salome from real-photo postcards. Most of them depict actresses who portrayed Salome in productions of the Oscar Wilde play around the early 1900s; I confess I haven't yet done much research to find out more details.

I've sorted them into the following categories:

Also note that these are all photos that indicate "Salome" on the card (in one language or another). I also have a number of "look-like-Salomes" that I may add at another time.

You can click on most of the pictures to see a larger version.

Maud Allan

Other Named Performers

Elsa Szamosy Gertrude Hoffman Fanita

Unnamed Performers


The image at right is interesting because, unlike all the other Salomes shown thus far, she actually seems to have multiple veils on.... it's not clear there's actually seven, though.