Camels on Tapestries

Camels on Tapestries

With my interests in tapestries and my interest in camels, it's not surprising I've acquired some tapestries with camels on them. Here's a few pictures:

This one is from the "dancer with horse" tapestry. Note in addition to the large camel on the left, there's a whole caravan of camels, smaller, at the upper right.

This guy is from a tapestry with a mandala-like design I've come to think of Italian in style. This one is cool because it has 2 different sets of camels on it. Click on the guy to the left to see the set he's in.

The 2nd set of camels is shown right. Another interesting thing about this tapestry is that it's reversible--it looks good on both sides. I like the side showing here (probably because it's shinier :-), but if you click on the picture right, you'll see what one of these guys looks like in reverse.

This one is from the "dancers with pots" tapestry.

This is a velvety tapestry with a scene that is probably supposed to be an oasis. One camel is resting and another is taking a drink.

These are from more of those Italian-type mandala-like tapestries. They fit in a corner of the design, which is why they're slanted. I tried to straighten out the last 2, and did OK on the rightmost one, but didn't do too well on the center one. (Last one 1/14/01.)

This is from a French tapestry. The actual tapestry repeats the design in almost mirror image, with a different scene in the middle.

These were from what they called "tapestries" from India, but I think they're more like bedspreads... although somewhat heavier-duty than most of those old 60s India print bedspreads, to be sure. They're block-printed on cotton. (2 on right added 4/24/00.)

Here's a lovely little scene from a pillow-size tapestry. A man, a woman, and a camel take a little rest. I later acquired another tapestry with a ghawazee dancer in addition to this same scene. (Added 5/1/00.)

This heavily-laden camel and his friend are a small part of a large complex scene. (Added 5/23/00.)

Here are two camels, the primary subjects on a rather large tapestry. It's not very clear, but there is a rider wearing light colored clothing on the 2nd camel. (Added 6/2/00.)

This is another oasis type scene on a velvety rug-like tapestry. (Added 6/13/00.)

And here's yet another oasis type scene on a velvety rug-like tapestry. This one is vividly colored. (Added 6/30/00.)

And here's still another oasis type scene on a velvety rug-like tapestry. Well, I guess this is more of a camp than an oasis since I don't see any water. (But there is a tent you can't see to the left of the camel.) (Added 7/18/00.)

Here's a camel that has lots of fancy adornments of tassels, etc. I've seen it described as "Imperial Camel." This tapestry is new, and made in France. (Added 7/18/00.)

Here's the left and right parts of another large rug-like tapestry, which I think of as "Camels with Sphinx." (Added 12/18/00.)

Here's another one with people leading their camel. This time they're in the city instead of at the oasis. (Added 12/18/00.)

Here's a whole caravan of camels travelling across this velvety tapestry. (Added 1/14/01.)

Here's a guy leading a camel carrying a lady. (Added 1/14/01.)

Here's a family with their 2 camels. (Added 1/14/01.)

This one is a small wool rug, with a simple image. (Added 3/20/01.)

This is from the "dancer with camel" tapestry. (Added 3/31/01.)

This is from the complex tapestry with the dancer and birds. (Added 7/1/01.)

This one is created using appliques, with some additional embroidery for details. (Added 11/1/02.)

This is actually a detail of an Oriental-style carpet with a design of camels and lions. (Added 5/26/08.)

Note: some items previously listed here have been relocated to Camels on Pillows.

I might be adding more pictures here later, as I take more or get additional tapestries.