Arabian Nights Images - A. E. Jackson

The Arabian Nights, with 24 color plates by A. E. Jackson, was published by Ward, Lock& Co. Limited, London, as part of "The Sunshine Series" of children's books. No date I can find on this one, but there's another version of the book from the same publisher with 48 color plates by the same artist, dated 1920, so mine is probably about the same timeframe.

Although the images are pretty cool, I don't feel compelled to get the the 48-plate version because the one I have already includes our friend Morgiana (right), captioned "Morgiana danced with great grace and agility." Personally, I don't know what kind of dance she's supposed to be doing in the picture; it doesn't look all that graceful to me.

The image on the left is from the story of Alladin, captioned "The Princess made her women dress her in the most becoming manner."
What do you know, here's another dancer. This one is from "The Sleeper Awakened", captioned "Abou Hassan stripped off the fine robes of the Caliph, and began to skip and dance with two of the damsels."
And again, from the same story, this is "Abou Hassan rejoiced with his wife when he saw the purse and the piece of brocade."