Taco Bell Dog - and Camel - Costumes

The "Tog Your Dog" Project

For various reasons, mostly silly, several of the Rising Phoenix Dancers have become fans of the Taco Bell dog. So, it was not surprising that we acquired several of the dogs when Taco Bell was selling them.

But then the question became, "What does one do with a Taco Bell dog once one has one?" We decided we should make costumes for them, and thus was born the "Tog Your Dog" Project. Of course, we decided the costumes should be related to Middle Eastern dance. Some of these costumes were shown at the costume shows at Oasis Dance Camps North and South 1999 (the latter as part of the "Dog and Camel Show"). (The dog at right isn't really in a costume, he just kinda ended up that way, but he's too cute to leave off this page, don't you think?)

(Other fans of the Taco Bell dog may want to quiz themselves and guess which dog each was before it got its Middle Eastern costume. Answers at the bottom of the page.*)

Guedra Dog

This is the first dog on the Project. Done by Sherezzah, this dog is dressed as one of the Tuareg "Blue People" of Morocco, ready to perform the Guedra ritual.

Sphinx Dog

OK, the real Sphinx is supposed to be part cat, rather than part chihuahua, but the lying-down pose of this dog inspired Sherezzah to make this costume.

Gypsy Dog

This dog was done by Katina. In addition to the little pillbox hat, blouse, vest, colorful skirt and jewelry, this dog is also wearing pantaloons (although of course you can't see them).

Flamenco Dog

What else do you do with a dog that has a rose in its mouth? Complete with lacy dress and mantilla, this is another of the dogs done by Sherezzah.

Persian Dog

Not surprisingly, Pari decided to make a Persian costume for her dog. Note the elaborate decorations on this classical Persian dress, as well as the fancy headpiece, earrings, and other jewelry. (Added May 2002.)

Phase 2: "Clothe Your Camel"

As things happen, Taco Bell stopped selling their dogs before we really had enough for everyone to participate in the Project. Fortunately, however, we found some cute little stuffed camels in a local dollar store, that we figured would also be fun to make costumes for.

Fancy Camel

Katina did this camel, the first camel in this phase of the project. It's just dressed like a camel, but what a fancy camel! Check out the rhinestones along his blanket!

Animal Print Camel

Joani dressed this camel in a "mother-baby" fashion, with remnants from her own animal print costume (see photos here).

Camel in Burnoose

Adena made this camel, with the image of putting it in a long loose garment to protect it from the sun. She also gave it eyelashes.


This camel is almost encrusted with "silver" and "jewels", covering its back, ears, and hanging from its neck and forehead. Some of it is almost like chainmail. Sherezzah dressed this camel with pieces of old jewelry.

"Tog Your Dog" (and "Clothe Your Camel") is an ongoing project... check back again for more installments.

*Answers to quiz: