Old Ring Navigation

Navigation from the Old Web Ring

If you joined the Middle Eastern Dance web ring back when it was run by Stacey or Stefan (before about December 2002), it's possible you're no longer actually in the ring, even if you still have the old ring code on your page. In this case, people will be able to get to the ring from your site, but they'll never get to your site from elsewhere in the ring... which is probably not what you want.

The reason is that there were a number of changes of control for WebRing since this ring was first started, which resulted in some changes required for the navigation code to continue to work properly. If you're still using the same HTML code for ring navigation as you did when you first joined, then you might have this problem.

How to tell if you have this problem

As implied above, the problem happens when straight HTML code is used for the navigation. It shouldn't happen if you're using SSNB (server side navigation). (I have another page to help you check which you have.) SSNB ensures you always have the current info; plain HTML can become outdated.

The easiest way (and this works whether you use HTML or SSNB) to check if you have the problem is to go to your web page with the ring navigation on it, and click the "Next" link. If you go to the ring hub, with a list of various ring sites on it (similar to this) then you do have the problem. See below on how to fix it.

If "Next" takes you to someone else's web page (which is the way the ring is supposed to work), then your WebRing connection is working OK. However, if you use HTML, you might still have some old info in your code that probably should be updated. See below about updating old HTML.

How to fix the problem

The easiest way to correct the problem is just to delete all the old nav code for the ring, and go back in and go through the steps to add your site again as though it were a brand new site. See my Web Ring Tips page if you need assistance.

How to correct old HTML

One problem with the old HTML is that it usually links to Stefan's old ring home page at bdancer.com from the "Middle Eastern Dance Web Ring" text. That page was last updated in 2000, and most of the links on it don't work. Or worse, if your HTML is really old, it might link to Stacey's old domain, wolfeagle.com, which was a porn site last time I checked (and I don't care to check again...)

In either case, the link should be updated to the current ring home page, which is http://www.beledy.net/sherezzah/webring/medhome.htm.

There may still be other problems with the HTML, depending on exactly what you have there. It's probably easiest to use the information at the Web Ring site to assist with corrections.