Doctor Who Costume

Doctor Who Costume

(initial posting made 11/21/15)

After my first Con, where I cosplayed Kaylee Frye, I'd had so much fun that I got to thinking, on the drive home, about what OTHER cosplays I might be able to do that were fairly easy and inexpensive. It occurred to me that I had a fez (from when I went to Turkey), and so it should be pretty easy to do a Doctor Who.

Now, I confess that, at the time I was first working on this costume, I was only a casual Doctor Who fan. (Firefly is still really the only fandom that "consumes my soul.") I watched quite regularly back around 1980 when Doctor #4 was on and enjoyed it quite a bit... then the Doctor changed, I didn't like the new guy as well, and I kind of lost track of it. I became aware of it again after it regained popularity more recently, and even watched a number of episodes. I enjoyed them well enough, but hadn't really gotten hooked back into it at the time, although I've gotten much more into it since then.

In any case, I did need to do some research. Although he didn't wear it all the time (or even much of the time), the Doctor most known for wearing a fez is the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith (pic with fez above right). He's also known for his bow tie. However, the rest of his clothing is pretty normal (see pic at left). (Which is why Halloween costume stores often sell "Doctor Who" costumes that consist of just a fez and a bowtie.)

So... Fez: check. Bowtie: I'd need to get one, easy enough. Sport jacket: I had a blazer left over from my work days that I thought would work... a nice tweedy-looking plaid fabric, very similar to the pic at left except grey, not brown. Pants: I figured my black jeans would be fine. Shoes: Black shoes, no problem. Suspenders: I had a set of red suspenders left over from my clogging days; a little wide, but close enough. Shirt: Inspired by the set of pics below, I decided on a red-and-white striped shirt also left over from my work days.

So, it looked like everything was set, but when I tried on the fez I thought it looked, well, wrong. I realized it's because our boy Matt has this wild fringe of hair that hangs down in front of his face. I, on the other hand, am all forehead because I no longer have bangs. I decided I needed to get a set of fake bangs (a sort of partial mini-wig).

The good Doctor does require one important prop: his "sonic screwdriver." I recalled how, several years ago, at Oasis Dance Camp, they gave all us attendees commemorative pens in honor of their silver anniversary (see pic right). The pen was a little funky, sort of futuristic-looking; I figured it would work as a sonic screwdriver. Plus, I loved the idea of using it for that.

So, total cost for the outfit: about $10 for the bowtie and bangs. And here's how it turned out, when I wore it to Ultracon (11-21-15):

(Note: they didn't have a TARDIS for me to pose with at that con, which is why you see me in a Star Trek transporter :-)

(below section added 5/17/17)

It's been over a year since I first assembled this costume, and I've made a couple of improvements. The main one is a more screen-accurate jacket, which I picked up at Goodwill mainly for a completely different cosplay, but which works well for the Doctor also. (Best kind of costume pieces: those that are multipurpose!) The other is that I bought a "real" sonic screwdriver, appropriate for the 11th Doctor. (Similar ones usually sell for about $20, but I found this one for about half that.) I wore the updated cosplay this past weekend (May 2017) at Gatorcon. I like this pic because it shows the light on the sonic screwdriver the best. (And again, no TARDIS, so I'm in a Star Trek photo op.)

So, an additional $15 spent, but works pretty well, I think.

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