Indiana Jones Costume
Image: Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones Costume

During the 2015 holiday season, I was doing some shopping in the accessories section of Target when I saw a cute hat and felt compelled to try it on. "Ooh!" I thought, "This looks kinda like an Indiana Jones hat!" It occurred to me that it would be pretty easy to cosplay Indy, if I had the hat... so I bought it. (It's cute enough, I would wear it regardless...)


I was so excited that I had to do research as soon as I got home. (Not surprisingly, it had been a while since I'd watched an Indiana Jones flick.) The great majority of the photos I found online were from The Crystal Skull, with older Indy. I didn't think this was a problem, because, well, I'm a little older myself, and besides, I don't think his style changed very much over the years.

Image: Indiana Jones (minimal) The classic Indy image has him wearing a jacket (as in the photo at the beginning of this article), but since I'm in Florida and have little use for jackets, I decided to skip that part; there were certainly plenty of occasions where he didn't wear it. For example, the pic at right is what I would consider the minimal outfit: khaki-ish shirt and pants, the ever-present messenger bag, and of course the hat.

Basic Clothing and Accessories

So, I had the hat. But I noticed that Indy's hat had a wide hatband, while mine had a narrow leather band. Easy enough to address with a little grosgrain ribbon. I didn't have any in a suitable color already, but that's no problem to get at a craft store.

I had a black shoulder bag that I liked to bring to conventions because it's compact and generally unobtrusive. It's not exactly the same as Indy's bag, but I figured the black strap across the chest would be pretty darn similar. So, close enough.

I already had a sort of safari-style tan shirt that I thought would be perfect. And the shoes I figured would be no biggie; any brownish hiking or walking shoes would be fine.

That left the pants. You'd think I'd have a pair of basic khaki-colored pants in my closet. But no, I didn't. I had a couple pairs in a good color, but they had embroidery or other embellishments on them, because I went thru a period a while back when I decided I only liked fancy pants. But for Indy I needed plain ones.

So, the next day after I'd bought the hat, when I went out to finish up my holiday shopping at another store, I checked to see if they had suitable pants there, but I didn't find anything I liked. By then I was getting a bit cranky about not having the right pants, so I took an extra trip out to the local Goodwill. Bingo! Found a good pair that fit, and they were even on sale, so I only spent like $2. Plus, I figure I can use the same pants if I ever cosplay Jayne (from Firefly).


Image:  Indiana Jones, showing weapons

Indy, being an action hero, often finds it necessary to carry weapons. As shown in the pic at right, he's most known for his whip, and usually also carries a pistol. Although I could cosplay him without his weapons, I had recently figured out how I would do cosplay with guns, so I figured I could do that with Indy. But if I was going to do that part, then I'd also need a whip...

I remembered that, back when I was a kid in Connecticut, we had a whip in the house. (I believe my Dad had brought it back as a souvenir from one of his travels.) It was a good-quality whip that cracked really well. So I called my Mom and asked about it, but she hadn't seen or even thought about it in years, so had no idea where it was or if it was even still in the house at all. If I wanted a whip, I guess I'd have to buy one. So, good old I picked a cheap (about $5) costume one because I didn't think it important to get a better-quality one that would crack well. After all, if I tried doing anything fancy with the whip at a Con, I'd probably end up hurting someone :-)

I also needed some kind of holder to carry the whip on my belt. Although I'd seen "whip holder" on Amazon when I was checking out whips, I figured that would be easy enough to make myself. Simple enough, with a little grosgrain and Velcro.


I finally got the opportunity to wear it at Florida Supercon, July 2016. Here are 2 pix taken by professional photographers at that event:

Sherry R cosplay as Indiana Jones   Sherry R cosplay as Indiana Jones (#2)

I had a few issues with the whip holder (the whip would occasionally start slipping out), but otherwise I was quite pleased.

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