Ensign Ro Costume

Ensign Ro Costume

(original part posted 7/28/18)

I'm not sure exactly what prompted me to decide to cosplay Ensign Ro from Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG). Part of it was that I was involved with a Trek fan group for which I sometimes needed multiple Trek costumes for multiple-day events. Alas, my budget is always limited, and I'm very selective about what I want to spend my time on. I had several "general crewmember" cosplays, but I wanted something more specific that would be interesting to me.

When I thought about Ro (pictured at left), I realized she was a good match for my criteria.

So, it all came together shortly before Supercon 2018, so I wore it there for the first time. Here's a pic of me as Ro, with buddy Guinan:

Sherry R cosplay as Ensign Ro, Jul 2018, with buddy Guinan

(below part added 9/21/21)


The last year and a half of pandemic times has had me sorting through lots of stuff in the house, as well as working on various crafty projects, including cosplays. At some point I found an old T-shirt that was a slightly cooler shade of red than most of the others I'd seen, and I decided that it was close enough to the costume color that I could use it to update the headband for Ro. I cut a section of the T-shirt off the bottom and stitched it directly to the headband of the wig, figuring the T-shirt fabric would be able to stretch along with the wig headband.

Again, ready shortly before Supercon, so tested it out there and it worked great:

Sherry R cosplay as Ensign Ro, Sep 2021 I should add that, as I was walking around at the event, I actually had 2 people come up to me wanting to take a picture with me. They recognized my character, even though I was wearing the mask (this was still pandemic times, so masks were required). And by the way, the mask was made by me especially for this costume. (Another note: at this event, we had a new person in our group who was a makeup artist, and she did my makeup, which included doing the eyebrow ridges with scar wax. I still have some experimenting to do so I can do the makeup well on my own.)

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