Shuffle Boogie Soul Line Dance at Oasis Dance Camp

World-Wide Line Dance Event at Oasis Dance Camp

In November 2010, an unprecedented dance "happening" occurred: a "World-Wide Line Dance Flash Mob". This involved groups from all over the world videotaping themselves performing a specific line dance called "Shuffle Boogie Soul" and sending in the video for compilation and broadcast.

Sherezzah was aware of this because the choreographer of the dance, Ira Weisburd, was an old friend. Sherezzah might have actually participated in the "home base" part of the event, except that it was going on at the same time as Oasis Dance Camp, and of course Oasis was more important.

However, Sherezzah figured her fellow Oasis campers might enjoy participating in a world-wide dance "phenomenon," even if it wasn't actually Middle Eastern dance. After all, dance of any kind is a great way to bring people together! And surely they would be able to quickly pick up a 48-count line dance.

So it came to pass that Sherezzah taught the dance on Thursday evening at Oasis Dance Camp South, 2010. Then it was taped on Friday evening after the evening show, so most of the dancers were still in costume:

Everybody had so much fun doing it that they did it again the next evening during the Khaleegy party, when almost everyone was wearing thobes:

For more info on the World Wide Line Dance Flash Mob project, including the compilation videos, see

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