The ODC Tattoo

The Oasis Dance Camp Tribal Tattoo

In the fall on 1998, the Rising Phoenix Dancers were getting ready for a show in which we were going to perform a folkloric dance. It seemed appropriate for the style we were doing to adorn ourselves with tribal-type facial tattoos. But what should these tattoos look like? Presumably these types of tattoos often indicate the tribe of the wearer. Hmmm... most of us were members of the Banat al-Waha, the Daughters of the Oasis, people who had been to Oasis Dance Camp. Inspired by this thought, Sherezzah came up with the following design to represent the Banat al-Waha:

*The Tattoo*

The design represents, in an abstract way of course, a palm tree reflecting in the water of an oasis. It's worn on the chin of members of the Banat al-Waha tribe. Anyone who has been to Oasis Dance Camp is entitled to wear it.

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