Poems by W. R. Reardon

The following little poems were written by W. R. Reardon. He was inspired to write these after hearing so many stories about Oasis Dance Camp from Sherezzah, and after meeting Cassandra in person.

Subject: Oasis

There once was a camp named Oasis
It was in the most strangest of places
Traverse City in the Fall
Is far away from it all
Yet all full of dancers with happy faces!

Oasis Not Alone

There once was a dancer from Delray
Who went to a camp far away
It was held in the Fall
And they came one and all
Many dancers with whom she could play!

Cassandra Part I

Cassandra was a friend of mine
Lived in blue jeans all the time
Except at night
Oh, what a sight
Dancing costumes that really shine!

Subject: Hard Work!

Cassandra teaches us very well
Until we think our feet will swell
How can you be in a rut
When Cassandra says "Move that butt"
So we work ourselves to the bone
Yet we're sad when we must go home!

Ode to Being Sloppy at Camp

There once was a camp named Oasis
Where I saw lots of smiling faces
Dancers swirled to and fro
Let inhibitions go
And forgot all their social graces!


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