The Wizard of Oaziz

(This was part of a skit called "The Wonderful Wizard of Oaziz," performed by the Rising Phoenix Dancers and friends for the opening ceremonies of ODC-South 2000. It was inspired by Joani, and written by Sherezzah with some help from the rest of the troupe. The song was sung (obviously) to the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain" from The Wizard of Oz.)

If I Only Had the Beads

I would work away the hours
To make a costume with some power
If I only had the beads.
I would make it really sparkly
It would help me do Raks Sharki
If I only had the beads.

With this wond'rous costume
I could dance to teka doum doum
If I only had the beads
I need something shiny
I can wear on my heiney
I really need some beads!

Oh Why
can't I
have beads hang to the floor
I could do the moves I never did before
I'd shake my hips, and dance some more.

I would not be just a nothin'
My bra padded with stuffin'
My skirts split at the seams.
I would have so much magic
To miss me would be tragic
If I only had the beads...
  the sequins
    the shine
      the nerve.... :-)

(L to R:
the Wicked Witch of the Middle East (WWotME);
Dorothy, wearing the ruby sequins; and
Leah, the Good Witch.

WWotMe and her flying monkey purple people eater.

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