Arabian Nights Images - Helen Stratton

This slim little volume, titled Stories from the Arabian Nights, selected and edited for children, published by Blackie and Son Limited, London Glasgow and Bombay, does not seem to have a publishing date. However, my copy has a hand-written inscription dated 1923, so it's probably from around that time. Helen Stratton is identified as the illustrator, and there are a goodly number of nice illustrations, some in color.

The first story in the book is Ali Baba, with all the classic images of Morgiana. This is "Morgiana leading the old cobbler" (note that she's veiled because she's out in public).
This color picture is captioned "Morgiana hears the whisper: 'Is it time?'"
And here's an amazing image of her actually plunging the scimitar into the robber-captain's heart.
This color picture, captioned "Alladin's mother carries his gift to the Sultan," is a color version of a picture from the children's book published by Charles E. Graham, but that book didn't provide an illustrator credit.