Arabian Nights Images - Unknown

These are from a children's book named Arabian Nights with no copyright date apparent anywhere on it, published by Charles E. Graham & Co., New York. There is no credit for the artist, and in the copy I have the page is ripped and so the editor's name isn't available either. The cover is shown right. If anyone has any other info on when this particular book was published or who the artist was, I'd love to know (email

The color cover on this book is very nice in itself... see detail left. Some time after I first posted this, I was able to determine that the cover picture is by Frances Brundage, and is intended to show Morgiana dancing. I don't believe, however, that this is the same artist who did the inside line drawings. The book was described as "fully illustrated" but only a few of the pictures showed women, which is mainly what I'm interested in.

But this book did include the "Ali Baba" story with several images of Morgiana, including these two fairly mundane poses...
And a really nice one of her dancing with the scimitar:

Right is a picture from the "Alladin" story labelled "Alladin's mother carries his gift to the sultan." One thing that really appeals to me about this picture is her skirt seems to be animal print :-) Note: this illustration is apparently by Helen Stratton, but the other images in this book do not seem to be hers (at least, they don't match similar images known to be hers).

This particular book is so old the pages are falling apart pretty badly... at some point I'll probably go back and scan all the other pictures... I figure posting them on the Internet will help preserve them.