Dancers on Tapestries 2

Middle Eastern Dancers on Tapestries, set 2

In most cases, you can click on the small picture for a larger one. This page was last updated 10/25/02.

Here's another Belgian tapestry. This one has an interesting interior scene, a woman dancing inside what would seem to be a harem. Check out her platform shoes! I also like the leopard skin on the floor. On the full tapestry, she's flanked by matching scenes of people lounging around drinking and smoking. (Added 6/13/00.)

Here's another sword dancer, doing some floor work. Check out the larger photo to see her musicians (male). This is a woven tapestry, somewhat small, maybe pillow size. (Added 7/18/00.)

Here we have 3 women dancing. They're kind of hard to see, though. The one on the left is on her knees with a veil; the one in the center is looking at her; and the one on the right has her arms off to the right. (Added 12/19/00.)

This one I think of as the "classic belly dancer" tapestry. It's kind of a nifty scene, as long as you don't look at her too closely and realize the position she's in is anatomically impossible without falling over :-) Mine is a pretty good size, maybe about 2x3 feet, but also quite lightweight. I've seen them around quite a bit; I don't know if they're all as lightweight. (Added 12/19/00.)

Well, she's sitting down, and the little thing she's doing with her headress might not qualify as dancing, but her costume and the whole look of this tapestry indicates to me that she must be a dancer. (Added 1/8/01.)

Here's another dancer, apparently in a courtyard of the harem. She seems to be dancing with a very insubstantial veil. (Added 1/14/01.)

Here's a dancer with a tamborine, from a very old tapestry. (Added 2/9/01.)

This one shows another pair of dancers, one of whom is veiled. I intensified the colors here a bit again. (Added 2/9/01.)

Left is a contemporary-looking dancer, dancing before a not-so-contemporary-looking king. Although her costume looks bellydancy, I'm not sure what type of dance she's doing--it looks like the can-can! This is a smaller suede-like tapestry. (Added 3/2/01.) Right, a very similar tapestry (added 10/25/02) with a different image that looks more like belly dancing.

Here's another contemporary-looking dancer, in very pretty colors. This is a small tapestry, part of a set that includes a couple of non-dancer images as well. (Added 3/20/01.)