Dancers on Tapestries 3

Middle Eastern Dancers on Tapestries, set 3

In most cases, you can click on the small picture for a larger one. This page was last updated 10/25/02.

This image of a dancer with 2 swords was taken from a famous painting by Gerome. (I also have this image as an antique print.) This particular tapestry is a bit faded, so I enhanced the colors a bit. (Added 3/23/01.)

This one is interesting because there are two different dancers on it, it two separate "scenes". The tapestry I have then repeats the left one again.
Detail of left - Detail of right
(Added 3/23/01.)

Similar to "dancer with horse," I call this one "dancer with camel" (click the image to see the large image with the camel). It seems to be rather older and more obscure than "dancer with horse," though. This is the center of a larger scene, with different scenes with horses on either side. (Added 3/31/01.)

Here's another dancer with a horse, but more interesting here is that she's dancing with a veil and a pot balanced on her head. The rest of the tapestry includes more scenes of "gypsy" entertainment, including a snakecharmer and a "dancing" bear. (Added 6/1/01.)

Here's another pair of dancers, dancing together. This is part of a larger tapestry with some other scenes of women. I don't think the others are dancing, although they're all in very graceful poses. (Added 6/1/01.)

This lady, who seems to be playing finger cymbals, appears several times as part of a complex, highly symmetrical tapestry. The design also includes birds, camels, lions, and lots of palm trees. (Added 7/1/01.)

These 3 scenes appear on a very amazing one of those symmetrical tapestries that I associate with Italy. Especially check out the one on the far right--one of the dancers there has a sword AND a dagger. (Added 9/2/01.)

Here's a pair of dancer pairs. Compare and contrast with the first pair of dancers (in set 1). Obviously the tapestry company abides by the "Reduce, reuse, recycle" slogan :-) (Added 9/2/01.)

This gal dances in a tent with dogs (you see them better in the larger picture). (Added 10/25/02.)