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Welcome to the Belly Dance Florida site, your source for all kinds of information about the dance (whether you call it belly dance, Middle Eastern dance, raks sharki, Oriental Dance, or something else) for the state of Florida, USA.
  • About: More information about the Belly Dance Florida site, how to get listed here, and its owner.
  • News: Jobs, auditions, requests for assistance, and similar news and announcements relating to Middle Eastern dance and music in Florida.
  • Events: Calendar of special happenings related to Middle Eastern dance in Florida. Note: Social media is a more dynamic source these days... Please check our Facebook group for the latest info.
  • Teachers: People in Florida who teach classes on belly dancing and/or Middle Eastern dancing.
  • Performers: Dancers, dance troupes, and musicians in Florida who are available to perform belly dance and/or Middle Eastern dance or music at your event.
  • Vendors: People/stores located in Florida, who sell bellydance costumes and/or other items of interest to dancers.
  • Places: Interesting places to go in Florida if you want to see belly dancing or other things Middle Eastern.
  • Organizations: Local groups, clubs, and newsletters that provide more specialized information for belly dancers in Florida.
  • Miscellany: Miscellaneous stuff relating to the dance in Florida.
  • Links: Other bellydance-related sites on the web, in Florida and elsewhere.
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