The ODC Quilt

The Oasis Dance Camp Friendship Quilt

Since 1993 campers have been contributing squares for a friendship quilt for Oasis Dance Camp. The Rising Phoenix Dancers have, individually and collectively, contributed quite a few squares to it. What we show here is not, of course, the actual ODC friendship quilt; rather, it's a virtual quilt made of the squares we've created:

Row 1:
Sherezzah's square for 1993, the year they started the quilt. Fabric from a homemade thobe she'd created. The design was also intended for the thobe but never made it that far.
Sherezzah's square for 1994. The letter "A" was to be used to help spell out "Oasis Dance Camp" on the quilt.
Katina's square for 1996. Although it's not too clear here, this is actually an image of a dancer... what you see mostly is the skirt.
Troupe square for 1996. Photo from their performance at ODC South that year, showing (back row, l-r) Akasha, Katina, Asifa el-Bahir, and Sherezzah; with (front row, l-r) Adena and Joani. We also had T-shirts made with this design.

Row 2:
Sherezzah's square for 1997, based on part of the banner.
Troupe square for 1997, made with leftovers from (and based on the design of) the banner.
Troupe square for 1998, the year of our animal print costumes. The caption says "We came a fur piece fur this here camp!"
Joani's square for 1999. Shows her then-new boat, "Belly Dancer."

Row 3:
Sherezzah's square for 1999, mixing the "camp color" of animal print with some tropical print fabric from her Florida room at ODC North.
Troupe square for 1999, the year of Rocks Sharky.
Sherezzah's square for 2000. The camel applique is from one of her homemade thobes.
Sherezzah's square for 2001. This was made with a small tapestry (obtained from eBay) and decorated with baby bracelet beads.

Row 4:
Marn's square for 2002. Marn makes regular quilts so this is a real quilted quilt square.
Troupe square for 2002. Hand painted by Shakti based on the "Rising Phoenix" design she created for our custom T-shirts.
Troupe square for 2003. This was inspired by the costumes we wore for our troupe dance that year, which had silver mylar fringe and holographic bits. If you move the mylar aside, you see the year on the right and the troupe initials, "RPD", on the left.
Troupe square for 2004-5. (The South camp took place in 2005.) Having heard of the return of the "camp color" of animal print, we took a group photo in animal print at our holiday gathering, which Joani then turned into a quilt square. We also used the design for troupe shirts.

Row 5:
Troupe square for 2008-9. (The South camp took place in 2009.) Joani and Sherezzah came up with this concept a few years earlier (the hieroglyphics on the right say "Have a nice day"), and finally this year got around to actually putting it onto a T-shirt (available from Joani adapted the design to use for our quilt square.
Sherezzah's square for 2009. I believe this was the first square for their 25th year celebration. The design was inspired by the dance bag that Sherezzah's Mom had made for her the year before.
Anti-Cancer Belly Dancers' square for 2010. Most of the Rising Phoenix dancers were part of a team called "Anti-Cancer Belly Dancers" for the local Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. The square was made from an extra T-shirt they had from the event.

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